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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer San Diego

Bikers and cyclists, even when following all state safety protocol, such as wearing helmets and protective gloves, pants, boots, and jackets, have comparatively little protection when colliding with a motor vehicle (whose driver is protected by seatbelts and a large metal cage that’s designed for impact). In addition to these threats, common road hazards like potholes, ice, cracks, or slick roads provide a much greater risk for motorcyclists than drivers.

Motorcycle accident injuries are often serious – even fatal. They range from broken bones, bruises and scrapes to spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. Motorcycle crashes can leave riders paralyzed, as amputees, or with other types of permanent disability. While the hospital bills for a single injury alone can put financial strain on the biker’s family, those who are permanently disabled in bike crashes often face a lifetime of medical bills and an inability to work.

At The Injury Brothers, LLP, our car, and motorcycle accident lawyer team advocates for innocent riders who have faced injury and harm due to careless drivers. We have a solid track record for success in ensuring insurance companies fully compensate motorcycle accident victims.

Our clients have been able to claim monetary damages to cover their medical expenses, both current and ongoing, as well as money for lost income, rehabilitation and noneconomic losses like pain and suffering.

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If you have suffered an injury and you want to contact an experienced Personal Injury Attorney. Call The Injury Brothers, LLP, to speak to a specialized California Personal Injury attorney who can help! We have office locations throughout San Diego.

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