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Meet The Brothers

Experienced and Strategic with a Winning Track Record

Macyh Nawaey

Partner Attorney

Macyh has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and thrives in taking risks. This may be why he started his own law practice right out of law school over 6 years ago. 
Macyh has taken on challenging cases and was able to win, when other lawyers/firms turned those same cases away. He loves shooting for the stars and making things happen. 
Injury cases are hardly ever clear cut. Macyh works hard with his team of doctors and experts to best represent his clients.
There are so many obstacles and moving pieces, that it is quintessential to have an attorney and law firm who not only possess the experience and know-how, but also the drive to properly tell your story and fight for you. 
Fun Fact about Macyh: He’s an avid watch collector.

Elias Nawaey

Partner Attorney

Elias Nawaey is a local San Diegan and a UC San Diego Alumni who attended Thomas Jefferson School of Law and has since used his talent and experience to help injured workers. Workers Compensation Law allows Elias to help workers from all walks of life and occupations; many of whom have no idea how difficult it is to get adequate compensation and medical care without an attorney. When someone is injured on the job, they expect their employer to take care of them. But what often happens is the insurance companies involved want to pay as little as possible which can result in little to no medical attention and little to no compensation for the worker. This sort of treatment is not only unethical but often leads to financial ruin, broken relationships, and physical injuries that can only worsen over time. Elias is here to make sure that the worker is given proper medical treatment and proper compensation for their life altering injuries. 

Fun Fact about Elias: He is an avid hiker and enjoys the outdoors.

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