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  • Macyh Nawaey

Hostile Employers and How to File A Workers’ Compensation Claim

Recently I had an injured worker reach out to my office in need of representation. He was injured at work a week prior and since then all attempts to contact to his employer were met with hostility. His employer was aware of his injury but had not filed a workers’ compensation claim.

The Next Step

Sometimes injured workers think that just because they told someone at their job that they got injured, there is a workers’ compensation claim filed automatically. It is very important that your employer provide you with a DWC-1 form to fill out. If you are afraid of backlash or a hostile meeting with your employer, it is advisable to mail in the form in via certified mail. At that point, the employer has 24 hours to fill out their section of the DWC-1 form and send a copy to the injured worker as well as to the insurance carrier.

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If you have suffered a work-related injury and are having trouble reaching a hostile employer in order to file a claim, you will want to contact an experienced workers’ compensation professional. Call The Injury Brothers, LLP, to speak to a workers compensation attorney who can help!

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