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  • Macyh Nawaey

Lawsuit Money Caps and Limits in Car Accident Cases in California

California has rules regarding when damage awards must be capped or limited. Examples include: No Non-Economic Damages for Uninsured Drivers Economic damages are those damages that have a monetary value attached to them that are often easier to quantify, such as medical expenses incurred after a car accident or lost wages that a personal injury victim suffered. Non-economic damages refer to other damages that are not attached to any economic harm and include damages for such items as pain and suffering, inconvenience or disfigurement. California law generally prevents uninsured drivers from recovering non-economic damages after a car accident, even if the other driver is completely at fault. However, there is an exception to this rule. If the uninsured driver is in an accident with an intoxicated driver and the intoxicated driver is convicted of DUI related to the accident, the rule will not be imposed.

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