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Lost Income After a Work-Related Injury

When someone is hurt on the job and unable to return to work the next logical step is for their employer to step up and figure out how much money to continue paying the worker so that they can continue to pay their bills. When someone is injured, their primary focus should be getting treatment and getting back to work once they feel better. The last thing they should be thinking about is how to pay for their medical bills or how to keep the lights on at home. With insurance companies increasingly denying claims, workers are often left with little to no help from their employer.

You have to remember that just because you were injured doesn’t mean that your mortgage payments, car payments, and other bills, will stop coming. For some the financial hardship is just as bad or worse than the physical injury itself. If you can’t make your payments you may make the mistake of going back to work before you have recovered and before you have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI). Alternatively, financial circumstances may coerce you into taking an early settlement which may be a fraction of what your injury is actual worth.

So how can you avoid this mess and get your life back in order?---The simple answer is to get representation. Represented workers are more likely to get temporary disability benefits and are more likely to get a higher dollar value for their injuries when its time to settle the claim. More so, represented workers may receive better and faster medical attention which often results in faster recovery time.

Injured workers are entitled to 66% of what they were making on the job prior to the injury. They are also entitled to reimbursement for their mileage costs going back and forth to their medical providers, along with other benefits such as educational vouchers that can help the worker get the training required to enter a new occupation.

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