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Working At Home and Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

People who are working remotely from home and telecommute are covered through Workers’ Compensation. If someone is working at home due to Covid-19 or was working remotely even before the pandemic their company is responsible for any sort of injury suffered whilst working at home, and within the scope of their employment. Companies are required to create a telecommuting policy that outlines what is the scope of employment.

If you are injured while working at home, it is important to get your claim filed immediately. Just because you not at the office or on the jobsite does not mean you can delay this important step. You will want to reach out to your employer, manager, or other direct superior and ask them to file a workers’ comp claim. Your employer will have to provide you

with a DWC-1 form to fill out and submit back to them.

Contact Us - Free Consultation

If you have suffered a work-related injury while working at home, you will want to contact an experienced workers’ compensation professional. At The Injury Brothers, LLP, we specialize in helping individuals in Workers Compensation claims and cases.

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